Custom Residential

Whether it is a ground up home or an addition our process is to create a unique and well thought out space tailored to your design style and living needs.

Projects of this scale require a process of design which we have outlined here.

Small Commercial

Developing your business requires a unique space to draw attention to your brand.  We help navigate your design to reflect this as well as help navigate the building code/city ordinances of your jurisdiction.


Remodeling projects can be challenging to say the least.  Our years of experience have taught us how to not only design beautiful spaces within the confines of the space but how to work with contractors to keep on track with your budget and to manage unforeseen conditions that occur.

Feasibility Study

I'm often asked if a project is possible and what it will cost.  Unfortunately it isn't possible to know that at first glance.  Feasibility studies are a great tool to determine whether a project is doable based on the site, city jurisdiction, and structure.  We put together a package that a contractor can give a fee range for to see if you are where you would like to be.  It's very preliminary but a great way to strategize prior to an extensive design fee is invested in.

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