Nickles Residence

This modestly sized home was a design challenge that lended itself nicely to a 620 s.f. addition. By reconfiguring the traditional small rooms of the existing 1007 s.f. Victorian home, we greatly improved the public space and flow while adding a private master suite. Opening up the back center of the house provides views that capitalize on the relationship to the backyard.

The new addition (phase 1) is a simply detailed modern cedar box that provides a counterpoint to the more ornate Victorian home. The new addition creates a "public" spine down the center of the house, which suits the owners modern lifestyle. The addition utilizes a troweled concrete slab-on-grade with in-floor radiant heating as both finish floor, heat source, and foundation for maximum efficiency. Special features include an exterior covered porch, wood fireplace, and a wall of glass in the living room.

Phase 2 completed the vision of the home with a full remodel of the kitchen, guest bedroom and main bathroom.

This home was featured in the 2019 Modern Home Tour and in the Oregonian.

Built by Modern Organic Construction
Photos by KLiK Concepts

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