Corio/Frei Studio

Designed for a public art sculptor and metal fabricator, this 785 s.f. studio houses a metal shop and office space.  By utilizing just over half of the upper floor for an office, a 20' high workspace is created towards the street facing portion of the shop to allow for fabrication of large work.  This relationship is observed on the exterior as the base of the studio is clad in metal panels and the top in painted recycled wood siding.  The design is simple and utilitarian, and allows for the clients to show off their own metal work in the exterior steel stair, guardrails, awning, and gate system.  Environmental issues are also a key part of this studio--a collection system was designed to catch rain water off of the metal roof, steel panel siding was chosen for its recycled content, solar panels were installed on the roof, and reclaimed wood siding was also used for a portion of the exterior.

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