CONSTRUCT DESIGN specializes in the design of modern homes,  remodels, additions, and commercial tenant improvements. We strive to produce elegant, simple, and modern spaces that serve our clients well.

Established in 2002 by Adrienne Goodwin, we pride ourselves in communicating with our clients. Our goal is to create beautiful architecture, while our background in building allows us to design practical solutions with cost efficient constructability in mind. We work closely with contractors to see our designs through to fruition and also help our clients take a more active role in the design and construction process. Our experience includes complete home remodels, new home additions, and interiors projects.

Adrienne Goodwin received her Bachelor's degree in Architecture from The University of Kansas in 1999. Upon graduation, Adrienne relocated to Portland and worked with Allied Works Architecture. After one year at AWA, she joined Richard Brown Architects where she was able to focus on smaller commercial projects and residential design. After a brief time working at SRG Partnership, she returned to smaller projects, where her true passion lies, working with SRM Design Studio while starting her own practice.

Launching CONSTRUCT DESIGN in 2002 has enabled her to explore many passions including the relationship of art to architecture and furniture design. She minored in art as well and enjoys painting and gardening. Her background in art and building bring a unique combination that allows her to create beautiful spaces while at the same time working within the reality of time, budget and construction constraints."Our approach is to not only improve the space we live and work in but to incorporate a unique feeling to each design that speaks both to and about those who inhabit the space. This can be accomplished through small subtle moves or bold paint strokes."

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