Successful design shows in a space although you might not always "see" it. Regardless of the size of your project, planning is the most important link that always provides you with a vision prior to construction and a means to control your budget prior and during construction.

We divide our design process into these phases:

  • as-built documentation of your space & code/zoning research
  • Schematic Design-hand sketching plans and elevations/3d perspectives to help you narrow scope and design
  • Design Development (DD) - development of your chosen scheme(s) to more detail in CADD & 3d renderings where warranted
  • Construction Documentation (CD) - final design and integration of materials, equipment, specific details and final requirements for building and obtaining a permit

As an additional service we offer construction administration (CA) where we monitor your construction process so you don't have to. In larger projects this role is necessary to make sure design continuity occurs.

We tailor our process to each project to ensure that budget and timeline concerns are factored in. We work closely with trusted local contractors to review pricing as early as possible. By doing this, we make certain that we are being as efficient as possible with our clients time and budget.

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